Traditional Chlorine Dioxide production process is unstable, generates strong exothermic and potentially explosive reactions. Production units include complex and delicate equipment and must be placed in the proximity of the dosing point.

A breakthrough innovation in Chlorine Dioxide production technology is represented by Kimya LK+A program.

Kimya LK+A program is designed to generate Chlorine Dioxide in-situ via a safe chemical reaction by means of an inexpensive and extremely compact system.

The innovation consists in the use of different reagents and the introduction of a new reaction mechanism to slow down the kinetic, resulting in a safer and slower production process. Selected reagents do not generate explosive reactions even if mixed up unintentionally during transportation or handling.


Here is a summary of the benefits you can get via the Chlorine Dioxide Kimya LK+A program:


  • Safe to handle, does not generate explosive reactions even upon unintentional mixing
  • Compact production system supplied with no extra costs
  • Broad spectrum of effectiveness towards the majority of pathogenic micro-organisms, viruses, spores, fungi, algae, etc
  • Faster and more effective than sodium hypochlorite, glutaraldehyde, peracetic acid, salts of quaternary ammonium and other disinfectants available on the market
  • Destroys biofilm and prevents it from forming, thus significantly impeding bacterial re-growth
  • Does not hydrolyse, unlike hypochlorite and chlorine-based compounds, thereby drastically reducing its corrosive power
  • Does not generate unwanted or harmful by-products (such as trihalomethanes), unlike hypochlorite and other chlorine compounds
  • Effective at low dosing rates, has 2.5 times more oxidizing power than molecular Chlorine
  • Effective over a wide pH range (up to pH 12), requires short contact times


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