Creating value for our Customers is a fundamental part of Kimya’s mission and our Engineering department strong track record plays a strategic role in achieving this goal.

We propose solutions to reduce operational costs and achieve water savings through Recover-Recycle-Reuse strategies.

Some of the aspects we look into during the initial survey

  • Increase Cooling Towers cycles of concentration through the optimization of the water treatment program, leading to lower chemicals’ and water consumption.


  • Possibility to use lower quality water in the Cooling Water systems thus allowing shutdown/turndown of Reverse Osmosis / Softening / Demineralization plant (reduction of operational and maintenance costs, water savings, disposal costs of spent resins, membranes, pumping costs, chemical treatment, etc.).


  • Recycle of Waste Water leaving the Waste Water Treatment Unit.


  • Water Cascade Analysis to target minimum water consumption.


  • Rainwater collection system feasibility study.

Our services include

  • Feasibility Study including budgetary economic analysis of CAPEX, OPEX and Return on Investment (ROI).


  • Front End Engineering including ±20% cost estimate of the investment.


  • EPCC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Commissioning) Services.


  • Revamping of existing systems.


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