Fluctuations in make-up water chemical-physical parameters and environmental conditions, changes in process requirements and production throughput make water systems dynamic and subject to transient conditions.

Regular follow-up and continuous adjustments to the chemical treatment program are fundamental to keep plant parameters in the optimal operating envelope and ensure plant integrity.

Kimya service department has developed over the years a consolidated approach to ensure long-term effectiveness of the chemical treatment performance.

Our Technical Service entails the following phases:

Phase 1:

Installation of equipment, Start-up and Operators’ Training

Phase 1 consists of the installation of the equipment, instrumentation and monitoring system, including preliminary test-runs to ensure proper functioning. This phase also includes chemical dosing units start-up and achievement of steady state conditions. Classroom and hands-on operators’ training are normally scheduled during this phase.

Phase 2:

Initial Operations

In Phase 2 Kimya field engineers gain confidence with the plant dynamics and critical aspects. Based on this information, chemical treatment program is optimised by adjusting dosing rates and operating parameters.

Phase 3:

Routine Service

Phase 3 consists of regular follow-up visits (every 15 days / 1 month). The following activities are carried out during routine service:

  • Visual inspection of the water systems and chemical injection units.


  • Check water systems operating conditions and investigate any deviation from normal operating condition.


  • Take samples to analyse water chemical-physical parameters and carry out bacteriological tests (including Legionella).


  • Monitor corrosion by means of corrosion coupons.


  • Dosing stations maintenance and instrument calibration.


  • Check levels of chemicals in the containers, manage storage and inform Client accordingly.


  • Implement corrective actions if required (e.g. increase/decrease dosing rates, adjust make-up/blowdown flow rate, etc.).


After each visit, a service report is issued to summarise the activities carried out.

Phase 4:

(Half-)Yearly Performance Review Meeting

Phase 4 is typically scheduled on a six months/yearly basis to inform Client management about chemical treatment performance, align expectations, discuss critical aspects and possible improvements.


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