Traditional products available on the market are used at variable concentrations in water and form stable emulsions which are extremely difficult to break after use. Metalworking Industry has to bear significant costs to treat the spent emulsion in situ or dispose it through specialised companies.

Studies have shown that costs associated with spent emulsion treatment and disposal are comparable to the price per litre paid to purchase the fluids.

Kimya has overcome this issue by combining the experience and know-how of its two Divisions.

Kimya’s technology is unique in the market and has been specifically developed to provide value in the entire product life cycle from product development to use and disposal.

Our line of products is based on a revolutionary technology employing bio-based oils and customised additive package.

Kimya metalworking fluids form meta-stable emulsions that combine superior performance during operations and allow for a simple and inexpensive treatment to break the spent emulsion. The resulting oily phase contains less than 2% of water and can be sold for secondary use. Aqueous phase chemical parameters can be brought within the regulatory discharge limits via a much less intensive treatment or permit direct discharge together with other plant wastewater streams.


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